Reading Challenges in 2020

In challenging myself to read more, read more widely and hopefully, review more, I’ll be participating in some reading challenges this year!

After going through a master list I found here on Girlxoxo, I’ve narrowed down my options to 6 challenges! I approached the list with two criteria: a) the theme of the challenge wouldn’t take me too far out of what I usually review (as much as I like the occasional Murder Mystery, 25 of them drastically cut down on the time I have for the core content of Feathered Turtle Press, which is SFF) and b) there needed to be a graphic of some sort, usually a checklist or bingo.

The purpose of this post is to announce my intent and participation in these challenges. This link leads to the blog page I’ll keep up-to-date with completed challenges! I’ll be tagging any reviews with the corresponding challenges as well! (Tags mentioned below!)


2020 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge
The Big One

This is the most well-known reading challenge, I think. There are 40 regular challenges and 10 “Advanced” 2020-themed ones. There’s both a graphic and a printable PDF available. POPSUGAR encourages participants to use the tag #popsugarreadingchallenge on Instagram, but I don’t (yet) have an Instagram for FTP, so I suppose I’ll also use that here?


2020 Book Bingo Reading Challenge 
from Modern Gypsy

I’m going for the Full House. All 25 squares. Why not? There doesn’t appear to be a dedicated tag, but I’ll be using #2020bookbingoreadingchallenge if I post any reviews here!

Reading Women Challenge
from Reading Women Podcast

A challenge I’m excited to participate in! I really love the variety here. There’s both the above graphic and a PDF available for those interested. I’ll be tagging any reviews with #ReadingWomenChallenge.


Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge 2020
from Girlxoxo

This one’s really different and definitely interesting! I love the idea of a theme based around certain words. It’s both flexible and fun! I’ll be tagging reviews for this one with #MonthlyKeyWordChallenge.

lgbtq202020 LGBTQ Books in 2020
from Enthralled Bookworm

Another book bingo! I’m really loving these book bingos, fyi. The goal is to read at least 20 books with LGBT+ rep, but there are 25 squares so of course I’m going for the full bingo. 2020 looks like a promising year for LGBT+ books and I’m gonna take this moment to drop this link for LGBTQ Reads Twitter if anyone needs ideas. (Not affiliated with the challenge, to my knowledge.) I’ll be tagging reviews for this challenge with #20LGBTQBOOKSIN2020.


2020 Retellings Reading Challenge
from Cornerfolds

Retellings are an area I’ve meant to expand on for a while now! I’ve shied away from them in the past. In my experience they seem to either be very good or very bad–maybe reading more will help? At any rate, I can think of at least four retellings coming out in January alone, so I won’t struggle with finding material at least. Again, I’m an idiot, and I’m going for the full square. The Twitter tag is #2020RetellingsChallenge, but I’m gonna use it here!

Again, FTP’s dedicated 2020 Reading Challenge Page is here!

Happy Reading in 2020, everyone!

I should note that books typically count across multiple challenges, so an #OwnVoices work by a trans author would count for POPSUGAR’s challenge, 20 LGBTQ Books in 2020 and an #OwnVoices work for Retelling bingo, but I will not be using a single book to cross off multiple entries in a single challenge (with the exception of POPSUGAR) because it kind of defeats the point, doesn’t it? 

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