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Fantasy — Catch-all Fantasy tag.
Fantasy General — Fantasy aimed at adults / a general audience.
YA Fantasy — Fantasy written for a teenaged audience.
LGBT Fantasy — Fantasy with an LGBT+ lead.

Fantasy Romance (High Fantasy Romance)
Historical Fantasy
Dark Fantasy (Gothic Fantasy)
Fairytale Fantasy
Grimdark Fantasy
High Fantasy (Epic Fantasy)
Portal Fantasy
Sword and Sorcery
Children’s Fantasy
Medieval Fantasy (Arthurian Fantasy)
Urban Fantasy
Low Fantasy
Magical Realism
Paranormal Fantasy (Paranormal Romance)
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More Specific Science Fiction Searches
Science Fiction — Catch-all Science Fiction tag.
General Sci-fi — Science Fiction aimed at adults / a general audience.
YA Sci-fi — Science Fiction written for a teenaged audience.
LGBT Sci-fi — Science Fiction with an LGBT+ lead.

Hard Sci-fi
Soft Sci-fi
Military Sci-fi
Robot Fiction
Speculative Fiction
Space Opera
Superhero Fiction
Voyages Extraordinaires
Sci-fi Romance
Gothic Scifi
Mundane Sci-fi
Sci-fi Comedy
Sci-fi Horror
Science Fantasy
Apocalyptic Sci-fi
Post-Apocalyptic Sci-fi
Zombie Fiction
Alien Invasion
Alien Conspiracy
Time Travel
Alternate History
Parallel Worlds
Lost Worlds
Space Western
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Recursive Sci-fi
Pulp Sci-fi
Erotic Sci-fi
Mecha and Giant Robots
Virtual Reality
Mythic Fiction
Near Future
Generation Ship
Galactic Empire
First Contact

More Specific Historical Fiction Searches
Historical Fiction — Catch-all Historical Fiction tag.
Historical Fiction General — Historical Fiction aimed at adults / a general audience.
YA Historical Fiction — Historical Fiction written for a teenaged audience.
LGBT Historical Fiction — Historical Fiction with an LGBT+ lead.

Alternate History
Biographical Fiction
Christian Historical Fiction
Historical Horror
Historical Fantasy
Historical Family Saga
Historical Mystery
Historical Thriller
Historical Romance (Regency Romance)
Literary Historical Fiction
Nautical Fiction
Historical Time Travel
Western Historical

More Specific Horror Searches
Horror — Catch-all horror tag.
Horror General — Horror aimed at adults / a general audience.
YA Horror — Horror written for a teenaged audience.
LGBT Horror — Horror with an LGBT+ lead.

Dark Fantasy / Gothic Fantasy
Sci-Fi Horror
Body Horror
Comedy Horror
Cosmic Horror / Lovecraftian Horror
Creepy Kids
Gothic Horror
Historical Horror
Hauntings  — Ghosts, spirits, etc.
Occult Horror
Organ Transplant Horror
Psychological Horror
Quiet Horror
Religious Horror — Usu. Christian-focused horror
Splatterpunk — “Extreme horror”
Survival Horror
Supernatural Horror — Vampires, Werewolves, etc.
Weird Fiction
Weird West

Time Travel (General)
Time Travel Past
Time Travel Future
Time Travel Romance

More Specific Romance Tags
Romance — Catch-all romance tag.
Romance General — Romance aimed at adults / a general audience.
YA Romance — Romance with a teenaged lead written for a teenaged audience.
NA Romance — Stylistically similar to YA, but with an adult lead and often graphic sex scenes.
LGBT Romance — Romance with an LGBT+ lead.
YA LGBT Romance — YA Romance with an LGBT+ lead.
NA LGBT Romance — NA Romance with an LGBT+ lead.

Chick Lit
Contemporary Romance
Erotic Romance
Fantasy Romance
Futuristic Romance
Gothic Romance
Historical Romance (YA Historical Romance)
Multicultural Romance
Paranormal Romance
Regency Romance
Romantic Saga
Romantic Suspense
Romantic Thriller
Sci-fi Romance
Time Travel Romance

Lesbian Romance
Gay Romance —

More Specific Mystery Tags
Mystery — Catch-all mystery tag.
Mystery General (Adult) — Mystery aimed at adults / a general audience.
YA Mystery — Mystery written for a teenaged audience.
LGBT Mystery — Mystery with an LGBT+ lead.

Amateur Sleuth
Comedy Detective
Cozy Mystery
Dark Academia
Heist Fiction
Historical Mystery
Legal Thriller
Locked-room Mystery
Medical Thriller
Occult Detective
Police Procedural
SuspenseSuspense GeneralYA Suspense
Thriller — Thriller General — YA Thriller
True Crime

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Classic Retelling
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Contemporary — Catch all contemporary tag
Contemporary Romance
YA Contemporary
YA Contemporary Romance
LGBT+ Contemporary
LGBT+ Contemporary Romance

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Young Adult — All Young Adult books.
YA Action Adventure
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LGBT+ — All LGBT+ books.
LGBT+ Action Adventure
LGBT+ Fantasy
LGBT+ Historical Fiction
LGBT+ Horror
LGBT+ Retellings
LGBT+ Science Fiction

Lesbian Romance
Gay Romance —

Mental Health

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