Frequently Asked Questions
Quick answers to common questions. For more in-depth information, please visit the Welcome or About pages.

What days are new reviews posted?
Reviews for new and recent books are posted on Sunday and Wednesday

What days are reviews for indie books posted?
Reviews for books by independent authors and from small and independent publishers are posted on the 8th and 28th of every month for our Indie Eights feature.

Why aren’t there tags for [this thing]?
You’ve gotta understand, while I’m trying to cover as many topics as possible, there’s a limit to what I can think of and achieve. So, likely, it’s either very common or very rare. I’ve based initial tag searches partially on my experience reading in the past few years and on the reviews waiting in drafts to be published.

I am also adding tags as I think of them or when I find a book for them. It’s going to be a work in progress!

Why do the banners sometimes appear stretched out/blurry?
Okay, so, excerpts look bad without an image and the way the theme works is it stretches whatever image is set to Featured out to fit the width of the screen. So setting the cover image as the featured image stretches that poor image out to a giant, blurry mess. I decided on banners instead. Unfortunately, the site automatically resizes every image to 1400px, even though the original banners are 1800px+ long, so they wind up scaled-down and then blown up again.