Happy New Year (& Updates, Updates, Updates)

Yes, I last posted five months ago. No, I’m not sweating and laughing nervously. Anyway, Happy New Year!

new year and updates

First: Happy New Year! How are y’all doing?

Second: ahahaha fuck I sure haven’t posted since August, eh?

What happened?
I got the depression. (Technically, I always have the depression, it just. got worse.) I love writing reviews, but I wasn’t getting much interaction from them. It feels real, real bad when you put in the heart and effort and it floats there with 3 likes. I know I missed my window to grow on Instagram, but damn, I didn’t expect to stagnate so badly. I spent a lot of time floundering in self-pity. Platforms like TikTok promote pretty people with nice book shelves and physical books. I’m primarily a Kindle reader with an unfortunate face and the remnants of a speech impediment. All I have is a near-decade dedicated to learning storycraft and writing and picking books part to see why and how they work–or why they don’t.

I bucked up and tried making some TikTok videos. There were issues with audio and video quality. They were much too long. After some troubleshooting and brainstorming with a friend, I think I’ve got all the kinks ironed out. I’m excited to post my first hopefully-good video next week!

What’s happening now?
In the intervening months, I’ve still been reading books and writing reviews. I simply haven’t posted them anywhere. Yet.

Over the past few days, I’ve been creating to-do lists, sorting out review drafts, and grinding out graphics. And next week…

What happens next?
I’ve got late Top 10 Reads and Bottom 10 Reads posts coming out in the next couple days. On January 7th, I’ll have a post up on changes to reviews. Then, from January 8th onward, I’ll return to posting reviews here and on TikTok on a regular basis: Mondays, Wednesdays, and then either Friday or Saturday. On Instagram I’ll post on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and then again either Friday or Saturday. (I want to do a short story feature on either Friday or Saturday, I’m just not sure which day yet!)

Happy New Year, may most of your reads be good (or if not possible, bad in the fun way!)

I need to connect with more people! Do you review books on TikTok? Share your @ in the comments and I’ll follow you!
(I’m feathered.books!)


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year (& Updates, Updates, Updates)

  1. i’m so so sorry about the last few months being terrible for you and desperately hoping that you’re feeling much better now <33 it hurts so much when you put such incredibly huge amounts of effort into posts and then they just. sink into the big scary blackhole that is the internet and no one ever even reads it. but seriously i'd LOVE to read all your reviews!!! and also literally just about ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THAT YOU WRITE!!! congrats on starting a booktok AND I HOPE IT ENDS UP BEING LOADS OF FUN!! i'm not on booktok but i cant wait to just casually stalk your account and obsess over all your videos!!!!! also SHHHH dont say you're late in posting the top + bottom ten reads posts ok?? apart from the fact that i havent even started trying to rank them yet (BUT THATS A DIFFERENT THING BECAUSE I'M ALWAYS LATE SORRY) but the year has JUST ended and WHAT IF THERE HAPPENED TO BE MORE BOOKS YOU HAD TO ADD TO THE LISTS IN THE LAST FEW DAYS OK. happy new year and i hope its an amazing one for you!!!!! cant wait to read all your upcoming posts AND EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO FOLLOW YOU ON BOOKSTA NOW

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