Today is Tango and Whiskey’s 1st Birthday!

Cat Lore: 29 Pictures of and 29 Facts about The Boys.

Today is Tango and Whiskey’s first birthday, and in their honour I’m sharing 29 facts and 29 pictures of them.

These boys came into our lives during a turbulent time. I was overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and grieving. It seems contrary to bring on more responsibility during such a time, but they brought a necessary and desperately needed joy to our lives. They are sweet and funny and playful and gorgeous and perfect, and I treasure every memory and moment with them.

1. We adopted the boys through a local organization who runs a TNR program for feral cats and fosters/adopts out strays.
2. The boys were born outside in a litter of five to a stray (not feral) mama. (They have all found homes!)
3. There is a 1/5 chance an orange tabby cat will be female and The Boys litter had a perfect orange ratio of 4 boys and 1 girl.
4. Their first (and really only) act of kitten destruction was murdering a lampshade.
5. Okay, and the blinds. They also really, really murdered the blinds.
6. Their favourite toys are fishing rod toys, hidden treat toys and those lil crinkly balls.
7. Tango is bolder when it comes to new situations. He’s the first to explore or figure something out. (Examples: jumping over the baby gate barrier or climbing the back of my computer chair to Make Demands.)
8. Conversely, Whiskey is more forward with new people. He approaches everyone with a purr. Tango isn’t shy, but Do Not Touch Him, that is RUDE, thanks.
9. The primary difference between Whiskey and Tango is that Whiskey asks and suggests, and Tango demands.
10. Whiskey has a single black spot under his chin!
11. Everything Tango does is just a little bit suspicious.
12. Whiskey is baby and has done nothing wrong, ever.
13. They want to steal my rice cakes. Really, really want them. Yes, this baffles me. No, they don’t get any.
14. Whiskey likes to play in the water dish. He bats it out and then crouches and watches the puddle.

15. Tango is always mildly offended Whiskey gets “”more”” treats. (He does not. Whiskey merely eats slower.)
16. A few people thought we were bonkers for adopting kittens while in the process of showing the house/moving, but Tango and Whiskey brought joy into our lives that we desperately needed.
17. Both boys are very talkative and will have “conversations” with you.
18. Whiskey makes the most precious meow.
19. Tango had the most unbaby meow I’ve ever heard from a kitten. I could not believe that came from his tiny face the first time I heard it.
20. Such, as adults, Tango’s raspy meow sounds more “normal” and Whiskey is perpetually baby.
21. Both Whiskey and Tango play fetch!
22. Whiskey is more of a “hunter.” He loves looking out the window and stalking spiders. (And yelling at spiders.)
23. When you give Tango a treat he literally grasps your hand with his paws and smashes it into his mouth.
24. I’m pretty sure they can teleport.
25. It took a couple months to win Tango over 100%. At first he only wanted pets on his shoulders; now he’s my lil love bug.
26. Whiskey always looks a lil bit worried. I don’t know what’s on his tiny mind.
27. Tango is a mama’s boy!

28. It was incredibly hard to narrow down which pictures to use. I have taken 1900+ pictures of them according to their dedicated folder!
29. Since they were born outside, their birthday is, uh, technically an close guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Do you have any pets?

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