Weekly Check-In | Saturday, April 3rd 2021

As I mentioned last check-in, this past week was the week the guy we subletted from started to move his stuff out and we moved our stuff in. The first part is done. It was freakin’ exhausting, but it’s done.

The second half is, uh, not. We moved a few things in, but after 6+ months of living MEGA CRAMPED in here, we’re enjoying some space for a hot second before we have to look at our own crap.

Also! I’m still waffling on the dividing symbol up there. Opinions on which looks better?

OG:  Reviewโ€”Exit Strategy (The Murderbot Diaries #4) by Martha Wells
Current: Review | Exit Strategy (The Murderbot Diaries #4) by Martha Wells
Another Change idk: Review โ€ข Exit Strategy (The Murderbot Diaries #4) by Martha Wells

I’ve read exactly two books in the past two weeks, but hey, last week was a lot and one of the books was really long.

The first is The Unbroken, a debut fantasy set in North African-inspired country. This is the longer one. I love the set-up and loved the themesโ€”the trauma of both the people and countries suffering from colonialismโ€”but at some point the leads both starting making really dumb decisions with bad, easily-predicted outcomes and that kinda bummed me out.

I’ve heard If We Were Villains was good and kinda gay and maybe dark academia, and I didn’t know much beyond that. But hey, it was on sale and I couldn’t sleep. I’ve read a lot of Sci-fi and fantasy lately, so some suspense was a nice break, plus M.L. Rio has a nice, easily read writing style. I’m still deciding how I feel about it.

Recently Watched
I’ve been doing a Sailor Moon rewatch with a friend! The new dub finally became available on a Canadian streaming service a few months ago, which, wow, rude how long it took when we played an important part in its western popularity. (It aired first in Canada, dubbing was done in Canada so they aired it literally all the time bc a certain % of Canadian TV needs to be Canadian.) I have mixed feelings on some of the casting choices? I was completely blown away by the choices for Queen Beryl and Mamoru. Apparently he was relatively new to voice acting at the time, too? Like, damn, they’re spot on.

Unfortunately, one voice choice I am just not vibing with is Usagi. Her VA is not nailing Sailor Moon’s quiet strength and resolve in the more serious moments. Which is weird, because I’ve heard this VA pull off quieter tones with no problem! This is so, so important, because it showcases the a key part of Usagi’s character, the part that keeps audiences rooting for her: she may be a goofball, she may be a crybaby, but she will protect her goddamn friends.

At some point, like a madwoman, I do wanna try and refresh my memory on some of DiC’s original dub (yes that dub) for shits and gigs.


I’m a little bit stupid, but I’ve finally figured out an interim solution to my Horizon Zero Dawn problem: paying for one month of Playstation Now service. (Although I might keep it longer? I haven’t done a Sonic Adventure 2: Battle playthrough in a while.) I’m having a fantastic time. I missed this game so much. I thought I was doing a relatively quick playthrough but then realized I’d already accumulated 10+ hours.


Anyway, to tie things up, here is some Tango, staring up at me (and now you!) with nary a cat-thought in his cat-head.

How was your week?

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