Top 10 | January 2021 Book Covers

I rank January 2021’s book covers based on how much they’d draw my attention in a bookstore and how much they make my eye jelly go wooooo. Sometimes, I even use art-adjacent words.


10. Brother Red by Adrian Selby | Cover by Jaime Jones

The mountain draws the eye and colour scheme rly nails that “Red” part home.


9. Shadow City by Franscesca Flores | Cover by Anna Gorovoy

The contrast between the black background and bright, watercolour look of the title text are GREAT.

8. Wider Than the Sky by Katherine Rothschild | Cover by Unknown

REALLY pretty colours. The pastels! The darker colours for the foreground!


7. Angel of Greenwood by Randi Pink | Cover by Nichelle Gengaro-Kokmen

The singular focus on such an expressive face. The bright red depicting violence in the background juxtaposed with the soothing blues and tranquil expression on Angel’s face. It’s just… good stuff. All around. A very thoughtful and eye-catching cover.


6. We Free the Stars by Hafsah Faizal | Cover by Elizabeth H. Clark

Bold, gorgeous colour palette, such a good job balancing the dark and bright colours.


05. Winterkeep by Kristin Cashore | Cover by Kuri Huang

These new covers for the Graceling series are amazing. I love the all the little details and textures and the overarching colour theme.


4. Remote Control by Nnedi Okorafor | Cover by Greg Ruth

I love Remote Control‘s cover because it tells a lot while also being very clean and minimal. Plus, that is such a nice green and we don’t get many good green covers, do we?


3. Hall of Smoke by H.M. Long | Cover by Julia Lloyd

What to say, folks? Not only is there one giant bird, there is also a second, carry-on-sized (not carrion-sized) bird on the silhouette’s hand.


2. Enemies to Lovers by Brittni Chenelle | Cover by Marzia Palomba

I actually saw this cover a bit into the month: initially, it wasn’t on any of my (many) lists. But yeah, I loved it immediately! The cover character’s direct gaze, the sparkly effects, and the overall palette really caught my eye!

1. Wings of Ebony by J. Elle | Cover by Taj Francis

okay okay okay so Wings of Ebony’s cover is probably going to make my eventual “top ten of 2021 covers” list, too, I love it so much. Well drawn character front and center! (Which, given the number of frankly awful people on covers, should not be taken for granted.) The simply but effective contrast between the light and dark. A+ work.

Some runner-ups! (It was so hard to choose, so many pretty covers!)


What was your favourite cover from January 2021’s releases?

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