Top 10 | March 2021’s Book Covers

March 2021’s book covers, ranked. Ranked by what? Ranked on how much they’d draw my attention in a bookstore and how much they make my eye jelly go wooooo. (As per usual.) Sometimes, I even use art-adjacent words.

10. City of Spells by Alexandra Christo | Cover by Liz Dresner

Is it the soft colours? Is it how they don’t usually all work together? Is it the purple? Who knows?

09. Alias Space and Other Stories by Kelly Robson | Cover by Lauren Saint-Onge.

I am a simple gal. I like space. I like blues and purples and pinks.

08. A Trial of Sorcerers by Elise Kova | Cover by Marie Magny

I have not read a single one of Elise Kova’s books (yet) but every single cover looks absolutely magnificent.

07. In the Quick by Kate Hope Day | Cover by Alexis Capitini

Tbh, I detest minimalism with a hate bordering on the fanatical. But for some reason… I don’t hate this. Maybe it’s because most of minimalism these days favours form over function, and as you can see, In the Quick is still perfectly functional as a good cover. Is it the pink?

06. The Mirror Season by Anna-Marie McLemore | Cover by Liz Dresner

Again, this specific colour scheme drives me bonkers (in the good way.)

05. The Seventh Raven by David Elliott | Cover by Sharismar Rodriguez

Is there a large, well-drawn bird on the cover? Then I probably like that cover!

04. Sweet & Bitter Magic by Adrienne Tooley | Cover by Tara Phillips

There are well-drawn humans on the front. It’s gay. It’s very lavender. (Also, don’t you hate awkwardly drawn people on covers? Or over-edited photos? Yuck.)

03. The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner | Cover by Kathleen Oudit

Okay, the dark purpley/blue colours with the hints of exotic hot pinks and yellows? Absolutely splendid.Β  (There’s actually a video on the cover design process here!)

02. Lost in the Never Woods by Aiden Thomas | Cover by Mike Burroughs

I am SO weak for that specific colour palette.


01. The Unbroken by C.L. Clark | Cover by Tommy Arnold

Honestly? The Unbroken and Lost in the Never Woods came so, so close. But in the end… the details, man.

Remember how much I hate badly drawn people on covers? Tommy Arnold’s work is at the exact opposite end of that scale at “perfectly drawn people on covers.” Also, take a second to appreciate all those tiny details on the arch. Holy shit.

What was your favourite cover from March 2021’s releases?

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