Weekly Check-In | Saturday, March 20th 2020

You ever slip and fall into a Murderbot binge read? Well, you should try it sometime.

weekly checkin march 20th 2021
Happy first day of spring!

Things are average? We are going from subletting to properly renting this place, for at least another year, which means the guy is moving his stuff out and we can move more of our stuff in. This is good, because I’ll have access to more of my books. This is bad because mom is going to try and convince me to make decisions about some of my childhood things, and I already made a lot of decisions last summer. (fyi, Mom is doing pretty okay. She has an opportunity to get vaccinated soon, and I can probably be vaccinated in April.)

Also, we’ve discovered a nice pizza place? There’s nothing special about the pizza besides it’s just a really solid regular pizza. Chewy crust, good topping ratios and quality, inoffensive pizza, sauce reasonable prices, and they sell the good kind of blue cheese dip. It’s all this gal asks of her pizza place.

I’ve made some minor changes around the blog. Well, one minor change: I changed the β€” between the category and the post title to an |. Thoughts? Opinions?

I’ve read more this past week or so than most of the year. I finished House of Rougeaux, and then uhhh, all of The Murderbot Diaries? Not Artificial Condition, which  I read last month, or the upcoming Fugitive Telemetry, but literally all of the other ones, including a reread of All Systems Red. After I finished Rogue Protocol I literally couldn’t stop myself. To quote all of the covers:

every civer

Recently Watched
I just watched From Up On Poppy Hill (2011) with a friend. It was mostly sweet, but I guess I prefer the Ghibli movies with a bit more of a fantastical element to them? Not that it was bad, just not in my wheelhouse. Also, spoiler: When it turns out Umi’s love interest guy might be her brother, you really spend half the move with that icy gut feeling of oh no no no no no please. So.


I’ve literally only played Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the past three months. (Annnnd no recent pictures, my bad.) I’m paying off my last house upgrade soon. I’m very motivated to keep collecting clothes and furniture. I’m not at all motivated to landscape my island or whatever. It seems like a lot of work, from conception to execution. And you need to understand: my primary experience with Animal Crossing is the original (in North America, at least) GameCube version. I barely played City Folk and I remember liking New Leaf, but my OG Animal Crossing experience overrides all other Animal Crossing memories. There was no optimizing your town. Villagers robbed your pockets. It was chaos.

In other news, I long to replay Horizon Zero Dawn so much it physically hurts. But I can’t justify rebuying it when I’ll either have access to my copy (finally) next month, and if I don’t Playstation is making it free to play, anyway.

Everyone is fine! The boys turn eleven months old at the end of March; I can’t believe they’re going to be a whole year old in April.
tango stretch
Here’s Tango, feeling tall. I was taking pictures of him with the sun on his face, and he did a biiig stretch. Yes, he’s probably judging my human failure to jump up beside him on the cabinet thing. That’s okay. It’s what he excels at.

How was your week?

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