Weekly Check-In—Saturday, October 24th 2020

oct 24th 2020 (1)
Mom is home from the hospital!

She’s lost so much weight and she still has a period of recovery ahead of her, but she some energy back and is generally in good spirits.

I was intentionally obscure last week when I talked about Mom. Saturday was much too close to Thursday, and things were better, but fragile. I’m still not ready to talk about it. It was one of the worst experiences of my life and I’m beyond grateful things are holding steady for now.

I’m still chipping away at Black Sun. It’s good, Roanhorse is a confident writer, the characters and world are interesting. Unfortunately, I’m not in the right head-space to appreciate it right now. Lately I want my reads to be light or short. Which is why I’ve picked up some novellas this week, namely Prosper’s Demon (haven’t started yet) and Ring Shout.

Ring Shout is pretty good so far. EXCELLENT concept, but I feel like the beginning could be structured a little better? idk, my brain is fried lately.


Recently Watched
Did you know I’ve been watching scary movies lately?

I also watched Knives Out the other night. I’m always a little wary of any piece of media receiving hype but oh MAN. Knives Out deserves all the praise! I recommend it, actually. Every little thing mentioned is used, everything wraps up nicely, there’s always another trick in the bag, and the ending shot is a work of goddamn ART. It’s a great movie, but it’s also great seasonal movie. Not scary, but the combination of mystery and atmosphere make it a PERFECT autumn movie.

RG EVA-01 is underway! Feel free to follow my progress this week with Scary Movies & Scale Models!

I’m still playing Prey. I’ve just entered the Crew Quarters, and since I’m doing a “human abilities only” run, I’m doing a lot of saving and dying and loading. Recently, the fucking poltergeist alien whacked me. I almost had it, too, and took a stupid risk on low health. Well, there’s always the next time I load my save file.

Behold: a v cranky faced Tango. (He was annoyed I stopped petting his head to take a picture.)

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