Weekly Check-In—Saturday, October 17th 2020

Honestly, this week was… something else.

There were a few very, very scary days with Mom this week. The sort of days that make me wonder why I ever complained about unpacking and shit, which seems so stupid now. The sort of days that make me just so, so grateful for the things I have, even when things are hard: I have an awesome relationship with my mom. I have great relationships with my dad, my stepmom and my sister. I have an aunt who’s there—no questions asked—when things get tough. I have an amazing friend who’s always there to talk. These are things money can’t buy; things I’ve cultivated on my own.

But we’re all on the other side of those days now, and I’m trying not to focus on them.

Given that Black Sun came out at the beginning of the month and I’ve had the ARC since this summer, it’s kind of terrible I really only started it this week. I’m liking it so far. Roanhorse puts her characters in some interesting situations and I am in love with her world. However, despite it’s confidence, I am finding a few critically weak spots in her prose.


Recently Watched
I’m watching Pitbulls and Parolees right now. I mean to watch something spooky soon, though!

None, I’ve been so busy and so stressed and so tired it’s been hard to fit one in. I got some nice little add-on parts, though! I ordered some 3rd party water slides for the EVAs, plus effect parts for the fin funnels on my RG Nu Gundam!

I started playing Prey! It’s a Sci-fi/Horror/First person shooter. Basically: there are shape-shifting aliens that like to pretend to be mugs and then attack you. In space. And that’s when they’re the nice little versions of the aliens. I struggled a bit at first, but I think I’ve finally gotten into the grove? The problem is I’ve been an RPG/action-adventure/hack-n-slash gal all my life. Didn’t play any game with a significant stealth component until I was an adult. I’m used to clearing rooms. I kept trying to kill all the aliens. But I don’t get EXP for that! It’s a stupid idea! The game wants me to be smart, sneak around and choose my battles.

(“All of them” isn’t an option.)

Care for a curious Whiskey?

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