Weekly Check-In—Saturday, September 19th 2020

sept. 19th (1)

What did I do this week?

It’s been… uneventful. I keep thinking I haven’t done anything, because I haven’t spent time on what I genuinely want to get done. I’ve done the heavy-lifting part of Mom’s unpacking, shifted some stuff to my room I need to unpack, and we’ve inventoried and gone shopping for some odds and ends we needed. I’ve also started eating real food again. Not gonna lie, I’m not sure if this new pierogi-based diet is an improvement, nutrition-wise, but it is an improvement for my wallet. Think of it this way: the more pierogies I eat, the more I can spend on books.

That’s mathematically correct, right?


I’ve only read the new release Surrender Your Sons this week, and only 60% of it at that. It’s not what I expected, and although it’s very readable and Sass is a strong storyteller, I’m not sure how I feel about the short timeline, a lot of the content, and how Sass is handling that content.


(No, it’s not a Sapphic September read. Someone come and shame me.)

I’d heard of Simone Giertz, Swedish Inventor/Queen of Shitty Robots before, but like 95% of what I hear about, I’m like, “That sounds cool; I’ll check it out!”

And then I don’t.

Anyway, her most recent video, Building a Musical Instrument Out of Teeth popped up on YouTube’s trending page and I asked myself, “Hey, is this the Shitty Robot Lady?” and watched. (I did not yet know she was shitty robot royalty. Oops.)

This lead to watching more of her videos, and now me, here, saying, if you also at some point intended to watch some Shitty Robot videos, but put it off for whatever reason, to hey, stop putting it off. Simone is funny, sweet and creative in such a great, silly way and her inventions/videos are a perfection entertaining combination of feel-good, satisfying and mesmerizing. I recommend I Turned My Tesla Into A Pickup Truck as a second video, because we learn what she means when she calls her car a “Truckla.”

Still packed away, but closer than EVER to being freed and built.

I played Slime Rancher for like five minutes to get this week’s Party Gordo, lmao, otherwise not much of anything.

My beautiful sons grow big, strong and adorable.

(Since cats have no concept of time, they do not know that in less than two weeks they get de-balled.)

How was your week?

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