August Wrap-Up

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I did not read very much in August. Have some stats by word count:

Words read in June: 554,000
Words read in July: 564,000
Words read in August: 253,000

Ouch. I was busy with moving-related activities. But I was also playing a lot of Slime Rancher. I made a pretty (and also very short and sad) graphic of my August reads.

august wrap up

Legendbornβ€”I was lucky to get an ARC for Legendborn and it was AMAZING. Deonn is a talented storyteller and I want that second book. I want it so badly. Is it too early to pre-order it? I want to pre-order it now. Legendborn offers a diverse (and entertaining) cast of characters, some lovely and readable prose, and tackles some hard hitting topics, like inherited grief. There is so much emotion and humour and intrigue and action and heart here. I loved Bree, but more than that, Deonn convinces me to like characters I typically can’t stand. I loathed Selwyn, then I started to love him.

Look out for my review of the ARC coming Sunday, September 6th!

Least Favourite
N/A (I rather liked The Last Wish and don’t think it deserves to be here.)

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