August Releases

august 2020 releases
Plague Times, August Edition
We’ve entered some weird plague times. A good chunk of the world is striking a balance between safety and functionality. And a chunk of it… hasn’t. I haven’t seen my sister since February and with the Canadian border restricting travellers from the US, I won’t any time soon, it seems. It’s much worse for her. She grew up here, too, and won’t be able to say good-bye to the house before we have to leave.

Find Book by Publisher, Find Book by Genre and Find Book by Author are 95% up to date with editions from recent reviews.

Find Book by Character is still a WIP, fingers crossed I get it done for September.

This August marks Feathered Turtle’s Press‘s One Year Anniversary! 😱 I’d do something special if there wasn’t so much house and moving drama going on right now. Maybe just a little stats post for now? Maybe a hearty amount of graphics? Who knows? (I mean, it might be nothing. I really, really don’t know.)

This Month’s Releases
This August is a month of sequels, it seems.

Young Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction Releases:
august ya sff
The Merciful Crow was the first review on FTP and one of my favourite books from 2019, so I am super looking forward to its sequel, The Faithless Hawk. It’s gotta be my #1 anticipated read for August 2020.

Star Daughter, Lobizona, Elatsoe and Ironspark have also caught my eye! August is really offering such a rich variety of releases. 😊

Adult/Gen Fantasy and Science Fiction Releases:
august adult SFF
I STILL haven’t read Gideon the Ninth despite it being one of the books I most looked forward to in 2019 and owning both Kindle and hardcover editions of it, and now its sequel, Harrow the Ninth is coming out. 🀦 Will I find the time this August? Who knows?

Ink & Sigil, The Vanished Queen and The First Sister have all caught my eye, as well. It should be noted By Force Alone also has a fascinating plot, but my dumb, Gundam SEED-riddled brain has latched onto the title and keeps replaying the scene where Lacus gives Kira his shiny new Gundam: “Neither will alone, nor strength alone.” Oops?

LGBT+ Releases:
august lgbt
I am soooooo happy Darius the Great is Not Okay has a sequel! I’ll need to go back and reread so I can post a review. I was experimenting with reviews back in 2018 and the ones from this particular era are… unusable. At least it’s an excuse to reread a favourite book!

What release are you most looking forward to this August?

12 thoughts on “August Releases

  1. Oh my god Kate!! HAPPYYY BLOGOVERSARYY!! YOU ARE THE BESTESTT!! Your blog is THE BESTESTTTTT!! And I am so very glad to have met you here!! HERE’S TO MANY MANY MORE FUN YEARS OF BLOGGING!! YAYYYY!! 😍😍😍❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

    And I am in LOVE with this post! Saved it for the sheer gorgeousness of it!! Half of these books were already on my tbr and now I have added the other half too! GONNA BE FUN!! 😍😍😍😍😍

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