July Wrap-Up

july wrap up

I only read five books this month? 😱 Noooooo!

I was definitely distracted by real life, and in all fairness, some of these books were really long! Maybe my words read will at least compare to last month when I break these guys down by wordcount? Let’s see…

Words read in June: 554,000
Words read in July: 564,000

Okay, wow. I technically read more, just in fewer books. More than half of that count is split between The Angel of the Crows and Ashes of the Sun. They were both creeping up on the chunky side!

Also, I think my graphic making is improving, behold!

july wrap up

Ever Cursedβ€”Ever Cursed was such a perfect balance of both enchanting and hard-hitting, topped off with some beautiful writing to boot. Truly a lovely fairy tale; good job, Corey Ann Haydu!

Least Favourite
Oliviaβ€”I didn’t expect perfection from Olivia. All I wanted was a parrot, some angst and some fun. Yet, somehow, Olivia managed to take a shovel and dig below the bar I set. Impressive, in its own way. There was too much misinformation too prominently.

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