Weekly Check-In—Friday, July 31st 2020

july 31st 2020

For better or for worse, I’ve had an uneventful week. I finally finished Ashes of the Sun and I’m partway through The Wrath and The Dawn by Renée Ahdieh. I’ll admit I’ve put it off and may have prejudged it. I read Flame in the Mist back in 2017 and wasn’t wholly impressed, so I figured there was no way an older book could be better. So far, The Wrath and the Dawn is making a mockery of Kate Circa. 2017 and I rather like it! Ahdieh’s got a lovely eye for detail and has clearly done her research, which makes me happy.

I may have eaten a bad cherry. Or I may have eaten too many cherries. Who knows? Either way, my stomach and I were at odds on Saturday. (And I bought more cherries.)

Sunday was nice. I went to my dad’s and watched Avengers: Endgame and had some feelings about it.

The best thing ever happened on Tuesday: we got a dryer!!!

We finally got a dryer!! The absolute nonsense we’ve endured just to procure a used dryer is ASTONISHING. I’ve never actually disliked laundry, but on Tuesday I LOVED laundry. Laundry is amazing. Three cheers for a functional dryer!

On Wednesday, I discovered Inkarnate, an online fantasy map-making software! I’ve struggled with visualizing some of the important elements of the setting of my own fantasy novel WIP and I’m no good at drawing them myself, so this is excellent! Below is my first attempt messing around with it, visualizing a smaller, secondary location.

cropped isles

Also, the boys turned three whole months old today! They’re growing so fast! They’re such amazing, sweet little guys. Now that they’ve settled in, we’ve done a couple quick and gentle meetings with the dogs. Corgi is the best dog at it so far; I think he just likes baby animals in general.


There was nothing noteworthy about today, save for the email I received notifying me that my preorder had shipped.

Pardon, my what now?

I completely forgot I ordered the HG 1/144 Varguil back in February. (That is a link to the P-Bandai site with a professionally built HG Varguil, the image below is from the site and not my own build.) It’s very cool, as it’s a variant of the HG 1/144 Moon Gundam, but, you know, purpler.


The initial preorder batch I ordered from was scheduled to go out at the end of April, but COVID-19 messed that up clearly. I remember thinking, at the beginning of June, that I might need to change my shipping address. But that thought was completely gone from my head by now. According to my shipping details, it could arrive anywhere from 9 – 27 business day.


Fingers crossed for nine?

Happy Friday and happy reading from Feathered Turtle Press!

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