July Releases

july 2020
Plague Times, July Edition

The plague is still out there. Wear a mask, limit trips, protect yourself and others. Things are definitely looking up in some areas, but the shadow of this beast still falls across us.

😱 I didn’t get the Character Tags page done. 😳 One very big unexpected thing happened last month and it ate up vast amounts of my time and energy. With Camp NaNo this July, I don’t think I’ll have it prepared for August, either. Save any drama, I’m looking at a fully functioning Find Book By Character page for September.

Whoops! My reviews were missing something vital, weren’t they? I started adding them toward the end of June—Pet by Akwaeke Emezi was the first one!—and I’ll add them to every review from here on out. I’m going back and retrospectively adding stars to previous reviews. It’s pretty easy to guess, but here’s the rundown on the star system:

★☆☆☆☆—One star. It’s bad, folks.
★★☆☆☆—Two stars. Below average. Mediocre. Struggles to at least be passably entertaining.
★★★☆☆—Three stars. Average. Solid. Gets the job done but isn’t anything special or original. Alternately, has enough flaws to average out anything noteworthy. Nothing wrong with three stars. They’re entertaining but not always memorable.
★★★★☆—Four stars. Above average. Really good, but with some flaws that can’t be overlooked or ignored.
★★★★★—Five stars. I won’t say perfect, because nothing can truly be perfect, but very damn good for a human endeavour.

Weekly and Monthly Updates
I’m adding monthly wrap-up posts to reflect on what I’ve read this month, as well as weekly or bi-weekly updates to keep on top of any holdups on my end, like with the tag pages and reading challenges!

Pride Heart
I’m gonna keep slapping the rainbow heart on banners for LGBT+ books. Why not?

This Month’s Releases
The release dates have stopped wriggling away! Look at all these books coming out in July!

LGBT+ Releases:
july lgbt
Exciting news: I have eARCs for both Silver Ravens and Olvia! Both are upcoming f/f romances with a fantasy bend to them!

Young Adult Sci-Fi and Fantasy:
july YA sff 01
july YA sff 02
So many books!

I’m most looking forward to Girl, Serpent, Thorn—Bashardoust wrote Girls Made of Snow and Glass, my favourite retelling ever—and Cinderella is Dead, an f/f twist on the classic fairy tale.

Other books I’m looking forward to include The Crow Rider, Shielded, The Extraordinaries, Unravel the Dusk and The Fell of Dark. I’m definitely not going to have enough time for all of them this month, but hey, I guess that’s what Decembers are for.

I’ve also got an eARC for Ever Cursed,  which is described as a “lyrical feminist fairy tale,” so I can’t wait!

My favourite covers are from A Wicked Magic and Splinters of Scarlet. They’re both very clean and modest, but also really creative and eyecatching. Kudos to the designers!

Adult/General Sci-Fi and Fantasy:
july sff 03july sff 01july sff 02

Adult/Gen Fantasy and Sci-Fi are just unloaded releases by the TRUCKLOAD this July.

I’m most looking forward to The Book of Dragons, Unconquerable Sun, The Hollow Gods (that cover!!), Sin in the Steel, Trouble the Saints, The Year of the Witching, and Ashes of the Sun, which I have an eARC for!

And here are the release dates, which—fingers crossed—have stopped fluctuating

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